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 You have most likely hit your breaking point.  Maybe you are feeling depressed, hopeless, uncertain of how to keep going day in and day out.

  Maybe you struggle with crippling anxiety that isolates you from others or paralyzes you from really living your life. 

 Perhaps you have unresolved trauma that is interfering with how you see yourself and interact in relationships. 

  Regardless of what has brought you to this point, you are exhausted from trying to manage it on your own.    

Making the decision to seek help is terrifying.  I remember my own experience starting therapy, and how difficult it was to open up about my deepest struggles. 

 Despite my hesitance, my therapist showed incredible patience, compassion, and accepted me where I was at without judgment.  And through her guidance, I learned so much about myself.  That experience changed my life, which ultimately inspired me to becoming a helper too. 

My vision as a therapist is to meet you where you are and help you discover your own strengths and abilities.  I believe the power of empathy and human connection is the foundation to begin the journey towards healing. 

I approach the therapeutic process collaboratively, with both of us working together towards your goals.  Whatever reason you are seeking help, I want to be a guide to help you on your journey of self discovery and help you get back to enjoying life again!

 I am passionate about helping others heal from complex trauma, domestic abuse, religious trauma, divorce, depression, anxiety and grief. I’m also here to help navigate if you just need help with improving motivation, self esteem, coping with difficult life transitions, overcoming relationship issues. 

If this is your first time reaching out for help, I know that it can be incredibly intimidating.    Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone you don’t know is not easy and takes incredible courage. I see you and know that you don’t have to carry this burden alone.  There is HOPE on the other side!

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Years In Practice - 12 years | Education - Arkansas State University | Year Graduated - 2011 

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